About Me

  My name is Javier Navarro.I am a  boy who is awesome. My favorite colors are red and black.I get on clubpenguin(hbk246810,jhhhbk, and criss angel5),nicktropolis(hbk24689),poptropica(golden bones),stick arena(dj.javy and hbknavarro) and,tech deck live  (I forgot my user name) and you get the point I get on a lot of websites.I watch wrestling and my favorite wrestler is Jeff Hardy but he is not in wrestling right now so Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler now. My favorite team is from wrestling is DX.The wrestler I hate is cmpunk because he put Jeff Hardy out of the wwe.My favorite movies are all of the Scary Movies and the disaster movie.I have a cousin that has just made a website called thefreakingawesomejackson2.weebly.com and it is awesome like mine.